America has a skilled labor shortage

For every five people who retire or leave the skilled trades, only one new person enters the labor force. This trend is creating a shrinking labor force in an industry that is growing rapidly.

As a result, demand for people in the trades is exploding. This demand will contribute to stability and wage growth in these careers over the next decade.

College vs Skilled Trades

College isn't right for everyone. Here's a breakdown of how training for a career in the trades compares to a traditional four-year education.


In-demand Skills

In the past 12 months, 2.8 million new jobs in the skilled trades have been left unfilled. With a large portion of the labor force approaching retirement, there is huge demand for new talent.

Career, not a job

Learning a trade can help you start a career - it's not just another job. Earn a meaningful wage as well as benefits such as 401k and health insurance.

Skip student debt

Paid apprenticeships offer full-time compensation and benefits. Upon completing an apprenticeship you won't just be debt-free - you'll have a job and a steady income.

Become your own boss

With many small business owners retiring, there has never been a better time to start your own plumbing, HVAC,  electrical, or other trade business.


Upfront Cost

44 million Americans have some form of student debt, with an average balance of $33,000 outstanding. Most will take at least 10 years to pay this off.

No Work Experience

Many students graduate with no real-world experience other than internships, making them less employable.

Four years is not enough

Many careers require even more than four years of schooling, causing more significant debt burden without the guarantee of a significantly higher salary

Ambiguous Outcomes

Many degrees, especially those not in STEM fields, leave graduates facing an ambiguous career path.

Start Life With Wealth -Not Debt

Paid apprenticeships allow you to avoid accumulating debt and help you start building wealth for yourself and your family immediately.