Build your workforce

We provide Trade Associations, Unions, Contractors, or anyone hiring in the skilled trades with highly-motivated, pre-vetted candidates eager to thrive in the skilled trades sector.

Partnering with TradeFoundry streamlines your recruitment process, saving significant time, money, and internal resources. Our support extends beyond just recruitment; we're here to align with your workforce strategy, propelling you towards your long-term strategic objectives.

Resumes are outdated

Resumes tell you what someone has done but they aren’t as helpful in judging what someone can do. Future potential, especially with early-career candidates, is hard to judge from a resume alone.

Our TradeFoundry profile paints a complete picture of each candidate’s experience, motivation, and potential using a combination of videos, assessments, and AI analysis.

We screen for traits such as strong work ethic, mechanical aptitude, and "team-player" personalities
Candidates create a video-based application to highlight their skills
Additional screening can be done to fit your needs

Expand your talent pool

TradeFoundry takes a different approach from traditional recruiters to find candidates. By utilizing marketing channels such as Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Youtube, we're able to tap into new pools of potential candidates.

We maintain an industry leading database of trade workers that allows us to source candidates with specific experience, skills, and location.

We’ll also manage your job postings across multiple job sites and job boards to maximize visibility and applicant volume.

More data = better hiring decisions

We’ve found that most businesses do not have enough data to fully understand the profile of a successful job candidate.

By hiring with TradeFoundry, we have hundreds of data points for each candidate that allow us to track the profile traits that are indicative of success over time, making your hiring team more efficient and reducing employee turnover.

How to get started

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